Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Department of Basic Education's "DBE LMS" (K-12 Digital Teaching Resources)

The Ministry of Education has been working to develop a national education strategy (2016-2021) to accelerate the development of the education sector in Myanmar, despite the need for teachers and teachers. Effective teaching; A better learning environment; There is still a need / challenge for improvement in teacher support and teacher empowerment.

While school books are distributed free of charge during the enrollment process, there are still challenges due to transportation problems. At present, good quality school textbooks are provided, but children in areas with high monsoon rains may not be able to get wet, dry, or dry books. The book has to be republished every year due to damage

Costs are high.

KG-12 textbooks, instructional materials, and textbooks for teachers under the Basic Education Directory to address the above challenges and challenges. Lessons Teacher and general education support books; Internet access databases for "DBE LMS" and "DBE Box" are not required for easy access to video clips.

In the "DBE LMS" and "DBE Box" sections, there is a wide variety of textbooks, books, and books. The lessons are organized in a systematic manner, as well as in the library, library, and library sections. Technology; Drugs cigarette, Alcohol education

Plans, Discipline Video Clips About Roads Educational policies and laws; Anti-corruption laws; Emergency Contact Information Integrated with organizations. Health games (hand washing, drinking water), and games for kids

To educate children about risk education Animation is included.

In addition, written by international universities and educational institutions

There is also a tutorial support available to anyone who has a Creative Commons License.

The pilot test was designed to ensure that there is no good Internet connection. Smart phones (touch screen) phones and tablets can be installed to enable teachers to access subject lessons and learning resources.

The Department of Basic Education's "DBE LMS" and "DBE Box" (KG-12 Digital Teaching Resources) are one of the Education Ministry's technology-based reforms and are a one-stop-shop program for improving teaching and learning in ICT with Industry 4.0. It may come.

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